We have created various product groups, to satisfy all our clients' requirements. We apply our know-how and experience to the following areas:

Core competency

Forestry is our homeground. We like to think of it as our core area and showcase discipline. A wide variety of patents highlighting technical know-how, as well as fits reflecting our understanding of operational activities, make us unique in this field.

The highest quality that we provide along with detailed solutions which make daily wearing more comfortable is matched with innovative optics to ensure better visibility. Functionality, durability, comfort and safety are crucial for everyday use.

From the lightweight ventilation cut protection trousers to Gladiator® II, our forestry range includes clothing for all weather conditions and featuring also safety against the small hazards of the environment thanks to integrated detailed solutions, such as tick protection.

Agility and freedom of movement

The tree care field requires a high level of agility, freedom of movement and attention. Constant, strenuous activities, alternated with periods of rest, place high demands on the functionality of the textiles used.

In order to support the arborists active in this field, we have developed clothing that stays where it belongs and avoids any disturbing slipping. With jackets and trousers specifically made for this demanding intended purpose; tight-fitting styles and silicone printing on clothes, we allow trouble-free work. The clothing sophisticated ventilation principle makes strenuous work at height more enjoyable thanks to sweat absorption. Of course, also here we do not renounce to the equipment usual quality.

Tear and puncture resistant know-how

When hunting and tracking, things can very often get really speedy. Precisely in these cases, clothing is tested to the limit. Thick thorns and holly leaves must not be an obstacle during these activities. To withstand all these adverse environmental conditions, our clothing is outfitted with the best and most tear-resistant technologies.

That is why, among other features, it is puncture resistant, while maintaining the required freedom of movement.

Our StretchAIR®, KlimaAIR® and Gladiator® Technology, as well as the tailor-made use of Kevlar® fabrics, make this possible.

Clear function

Our work clothing must face up to the highest and most uncommon requirements. No matter how varied professions are, our clothing is versatile but always precisely tailored to its purpose of use. Since, also here, the principle applies according to which clear functions are more important than multi-function.

Elaborate pocket arrangements and removable sleeves are only an excerpt from our detailed solutions devised under realistic conditions. In addition, our patented solutions especially developed for work clothing, such as STRECHZONE® and NANOSHIELD®, provide the usual high quality and durability along with additional freedom of movement and safety.

Expertise in function

We have made it our business to transfer our know-how and experience from forestry and hunting to our outdoor clothes. Therefore, we make outdoor clothing skills also available for the toughest applications. 

No matter whether it is hot or cold, wet or windy: we have the perfect clothing for any weather conditions. For us, reliability and longevity have priority over fashion, because we do not produce to meet the latest trends, but exactly to fulfil your needs. It is precisely along these lines that our patents and technologies ensure outstanding quality. In order to sustainably protect nature, we only use pollutant-free materials and produce within Europe.