Data Protection

The protection of its clients' data and personal rights is very important to Pfanner. Pfanner is committed to protecting its clients' data. Pfanner has accordingly implemented appropriate security systems.Data protection provisions are an integral part of Pfanner's contractual agreements with its clients.


Pfanner requires its clients' personal data for processing their orders, and uses them for this purpose.Pfanner aim to serve its clients continuously and inform them about its latest products and offerings, with the aid of the personal data they have submitted to Pfanner. Should the client not desire such service, he is free to refuse it at any time by phone (Tel +43 (0) 59 50 50 - 410), fax (Fax +43 5576 98248-300) or email (office@protos.at), in whole or part.Pfanner informs its clients about the data it holds without charge. On request, Pfanner will correct, lock or delete the said data.Pfanner does not forward its clients' data to third parties, unless this is necessary for the purposes of the contract. Should it do so, the said third parties are required by Pfanner to maintain data protection and ensure that the data is not used for any inappropriate purpose.


Pfanner's internet servers and databases comply with the latest security requirements. The data Pfanner holds is protected to the highest current levels of security. However, Pfanner reminds its clients that data cannot be completely protected against misuse and loss. The data provided by clients is encrypted to protect it against unauthorised access whenever it is transmitted. The data is automatically encrypted and transmitted in encrypted form (SSL). Pfanner is happy to provide its clients with the security certificate and data encryption testing information (email office@remove-this.protos.at


The online shop uses data to identify the client (cookies). These cookies are used to organise and in support of online purchases. The cookies also save data to the client's computer in order to facilitate subsequent purchases in the online shop.Cookies can be deleted manually by the client at any time.