About us


Our philosophy

We are professionals - just like our clients. Our business is therefore governed by certain basic principles.


#1: Outstanding safety and comfort!

We aim to be number 1. We are our own biggest critics, and set the highest standards for our products and processes. Supporting and protecting our clients in their everyday activities is a cornerstone value. We achieve this by continuously developing and evolving our products.

Our understanding of possible solutions combines with our technical know-how to ensure that our safety standards are always developing. For instance, the brilliant colours of our first forestry apparel lines set a standard for the industry. And we've doubled down with Protos® Integral!


No challenges: benchmarks!

All our clothing products are subject to continuous controls. No detail, no matter how small, is neglected - optimisation is an ongoing process. We are driven by the desire to combine outstanding safety with unbeatable comfort.

We are inspired by requirements from all over the world. To be able to work under continually changing conditions - that is the basic requirement for our products. From cold and damp to hot and warm, we face challenges from around the globe. We are specialists in the needs of those who work and live in extreme conditions. Worldwide!


Sustainability: it's more than just a trend!

Some of our products have been in our catalogue for 15 years. We are not interested in passing trends, we are convinced by our products and their ability to work hard over the long term. Sustainability and quality are our core values. The majority of our production is located in Europe. We believe in a transparent supply chain with short shipping distances. Fair working conditions in all our factories are a top priority.

We are also working to improve our ecological footprint. Our warehouse has been converted to solar power, and our fleet in Vorarlberg is electrical. Our packaging is recyclable and all our printed catalogues are climate neutral.

We see ourselves. In daily extremes.