Our technology brands

In order to make the characteristics of our clothing recognisable at a glance, we have a variety of technology brands. We list these brands below, with a short description of their most important properties. All our brands stand for the quality standards of the Pfanner® brand.


User-friendly, tear-resistant and easy-care functionalclothing is a top priority for us. Because that's what defines not only the quality of the materials but also their longevity. The clothing is thus tailored to your particular application. No unnecessary pockets, no unnecessary seams. Everything is exactly where it belongs. The handling is clear and self-explanatory. Our service is also personal and uncomplicated, with which we respond to your questions and requests.


We are continuously pushing technical expertise and advancements. The benefit of the latest technical capabilities, combined with innovative ideas, help us to realize new inventions that we develop for your safety. Exceptional quality is not a luxury for us, but rather an essential for your life. Enduring and detailed test phases are an obligation for us, if you entrust your life to our products. Optimal protection and maximum safety are thus always our priority.


Life and experience are paramount. Comfort, function and protection are indispensable in daily extreme situations. Quality you can trust - in all regions from north to south. We manufacture under human and certified conditions in Europe and only use pollutant-free products. Our employees and suppliers also appreciate this.

Patented ventilation system for cooling in summer and thermal insulation in winter. This fabric is used in different thicknesses for shoes, jackets, pants and Protos® applications.

Extremely tear resistant outer fabric for demanding applications, water repellent, oil and dirt resistant. Present in all Gladiator® trousers.

Elastic fabric inserts on trousers and jackets for more freedom of movement and wearing comfort. Work clothing with added value you can see!

The 3Con reflective stripes and icons ensure maximum light reflection properties on any material. This provides additional safety through increased visibility.

Breathable stretch fabrics keep you comfortable during physical exertion. This technologies is used in a variety of equipment, from jackets to technical shirts and trousers.

Extremely easy-care leather with water and dirt repellent leather. Also resistant against natural acids. Present in all "Nanoshield®" shoes.

Thanks to elastic fabrics, our gloves provide a better fit while ensuring greatly increased breathability.
For perfect handling.

Doing without membranes allows maximum breathability, thus significantly reducing foot moisture formation.