Attention: When returning products, please note: 


Have you made the right order and received the wrong goods?

If the wrong goods were delivered, contact us to have us pick them up.

Have you ordered the wrong size / wrong colour?

Please fill out this form to exchange the size or colour of your product. If you send a product back to us, make sure to send it "carriage paid"; we are connected to the central mail distribution system and thus do not receive "carriage forward" consignments.

Important: Frank your packet, we do NOT consider later claims.

Claims / Repairs

Here too, the packet must be sent to us "carriage paid"; if we find that the fault was imputable to us, we will reimburse your shipping costs.

Please document the cloths with a picture. Also add your phone number or a contact possibility. Only send washed cloths.

Freight charges? 

Returned goods packages must be franked - in other words, you must bear the shipping costs. We do not reimburse shipping costs. All returned goods must be packed in their original packaging.

New address for returned goods in Germany:

Max Müller Spedition GmbH, c/o Pfanner Schutzbekleidung, Gewerbestraße 2, D-88145 Opfenbach (Lindau/B)


Please fill in the appropriate form and place it in the package with the goods and a copy of the invoice.