Pfanner Chainsaw Protection

Chainsaw protection pants are protective clothing for working with a motor chainsaw and is intended to protect against injuries in the leg area. At the most vulnerable places in the front leg area, a layer of loosely woven, very long, fine, tear-resistant threads is integrated between the outer and inner pants materials from the ankle to the hip.

In case of contact, the chainsaw cuts the outer fabric and picks up the threads from the protective layer, which then wrap around the drive wheel of the chainsaw and block the machine in a split second.

Chainsaw protection trousers are defined by EN 381-5. There are two forms for the leg protection: The Type A is intended for professional chainsaw operators in conventional wood harvesting operations. The chainsaw protection is essentially limited to the front of the legs. The Type C is to be used by persons who are at risk of being injured by the chain saw on the back of the leg. Type C pants have the protection area on the front and back (enclosed protection).

The chainsaw protection pants are divided into 4 classes:

Class 0: up to 16 m/s

Class 1: up to 20 m/s

Class 2: up to 24 m/s

Class 3: up to 28 m/s

In a central application test the KWF (Board of Forestry and Forestry technology) checks the application value of personal protective equipment. The personal protective equipment used in the forestry sector is tested over 1 year at 13 test sites. The test sites are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland. The officials of the test sites pass the registered products on to professionals in the various forestry enterprises and supervise the test procedure. After a wearing time of one year the respective test persons assess the quality of the PPE with a specially developed questionnaire. The assessment includes the equipment, wearability, durability and wear resistance as well as the maintainability of the product.

Materials of high-quality, high-tech fibres are processed for Pfanner chainsaw protection clothing, to offer the wearer an extremely robust yet lightweight protective clothing. The water- and dirt-repellent equipment of the fabrics lend added wear comfort to the clothing. The permanent exchange with professionals working in extreme conditions guarantees our customers that Pfanner products meet the highest requirements. We attach importance to functionality, fit, comfort, durability and of course to the best design.