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Safety means being able to communicate reliably with your team in any situation. PROTOS® BT-COM enables reliable communication for up to four users in the intercom network via Bluetooth® technology.

Thanks to two-way digital communication, radio interference is overcome. An additional advantage is the directional gooseneck microphone, which suppresses background noises by means of an additional integrated condenser and ensures clear communication.

A larger range can be achieved by combining the device with a mobile phone or handheld radio. The PROTOS® BT-COM is very easy to use with just three buttons.

Full-duplex communication ensures that the users can talk to each other at the same time and without delay, for at least 8 hours.

Of course, the BT-COM is fully integrated into the hearing protection capsule providing a dynamic park-position of the BT-COM capsule into the PROTOS®.

PROTOS® BT-COM – communicate clearly from dawn to dusk.

Technical data

  • Up to four users in the intercom network
  • Range up to several hundred metres
  • Uninterrupted and clear communication
  • Possible use as Bluetooth-headset for Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, audio devices, GPS navigation devices, handheld radios, Bluetooth intercoms
  • Free smartphone app „PROTOS®
    Control“ with useful additional
    functions (e.g. coupling with handheld radios / emergency number etc.)
  • Only 42 g extra weight including battery
  • No cables or connectors
  • Microphone with background noise suppression
  • Extremely easy to operate even
    with gloves
  • Possible unrestricted park-
    position of the BT-COM capsule
    into the PROTOS®
  • Choice of 11 colours
  • Supplied USB-charging bracket

Accessories & More

PROTOS® BT wireless charging bracket

Art. Nr.: 204201
Size: One size

Charging bracket for the PROTOS® BT-COM