Protos® Integral


The Protos® Integral is available in four versions. It has special equipment for its various uses, to ensure the best solution for every job.

Protos® Integral Industry

Revolution on the industry helmet market

All started out as an idea for the forestry and has now developed through certification and patents to a perfect match for the industry businesses. The Protos® Integral Industry offers the same comfort and security characteristics as the forestry or climber version and is extremely flexible in his equipment. With few simple steps, the Industry helmet can be transformed into the Climber helmet. All accessories, like the ear or the face protection, is modular. A helmet for any use!

Security & Comfort

All 10 advantages of our Protos® Integral Forest and Arborist are transferable to the Industry. The innovative inner life with the KlimaAIR® technology offers an unbeatable additional value for the carrier. The daily work life becomes easier and more pleasant because of active ventilation and a perfect fit to any head size. Further accessories, like a Perspex face protection or a holder for the protection glasses Nexus, are in development process.

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Protos® Integral Forest

The helmet for the hardest missions.

The Protos® Integral protection helmet with the certification after EN395, EN252-3 and EN1731, is the optimal choice for the hardest missions. No matter if it is wet and cold or dry and hot.[nbsp] Because of the magnificent back of the head ventilation, the head always keep cool and dry and the visor offers the maximal view and is resistant against low temperatures.[nbsp]The capacity that makes our Protos® Integral so unique, is the integral solution. We achieved that all accessories are integrated in the helmet shell. Therefore, you are not able to get caught at branches, undergrowth or other obstacles!

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Protos® Integral Arborist

Flexibility, which excites!

The Protos® Integral Arborist with its certification after EN12492 can be used for forest, tree care and climbing operations. Chin strap, visor, neck protection and ear protection - everything is integral and at the same time modular. The Protos® fits perfect thanks to the profound neck shell - no matter if you are working over head or in inclined position, the Protos® Integral mediates secure hold. Due to the difficulty in getting the hands free at height, the entire modular principle can be adjusted with only two fingers!

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Protos® Integral Climber

Convincing in any field

The Protos® Integral Climber is equipped with chin strap and our CrashAbsorber. The achieved norms EN12492 and EN1079 make him the perfect head protection for climbing and cycling. The Protos® Integral Climber also meets the high standards of comfort as the other version do. They are all based up on the Protos® Industry.

Furthermore, this Protos® version is also based on the modular principles, where at any time accessories can be added or released. In this version, the chin strap and the CrashAbsorber are included.[nbsp]Beside that, all color variations are available as with the other models. We offer the six basic colors red, blue, yellow, orange, white and green. Likewise, we offer customized stickers in dark grey and neon-yellow.

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Do you want to apply your own design or text to your Portos® Integral helmet? You can fit your product with your logo or name. Simply get in touch!