PROTOS® is available in four versions.
It has special equipment for its various uses, to ensure the best solution for every job.

PROTOS® Industry

Ready for any kind of weather.

For building industry and civil engineering, assembly and maintenance or other varied activities. Outstanding safety paired with unparalleled wearing comfort provide all-round head protection – since 2012.

PROTOS® has an unobstructed field of vision and absorbs optimally not only vertical, but also horizontal impacts. Thanks to its 20-step size adjustment on the patented quick-release neck cradle, it can adapt dynamically to any head shape. The adjustable ventilation slider and KlimaAIR® main pad ensure a dry and cool head. PROTOS® can be enhanced or converted in no time by means of a modular system.

PROTOS® Industry – versatile, dynamic, colourful.

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PROTOS® Climber

PROTOS®, a matter of mind.

High altitude operations, technical accident, altitude or mountain rescue: PROTOS® is ideally suited for every mission. PROTOS® is also equipped with the MaClip chin strap and a CrashAbsorber with a guaranteed 5-times higher shock absorption. The high-tech honeycomb structure, in combination with the ventilation slider, ensures optimal airflow directly around the head.More safety and unparalleled wearing comfort make PROTOS® perfect whether it’s sunny or rainy.

PROTOS® Climber – head protection for top performance.

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PROTOS® Forest

Proven a million times over.

The forestry sector and its extreme requirements were and still are the starting point for the development of PROTOS®. From the visor to the hearing protection, all components are integrally designed and prevent snagging on branches, bushes or thorns. Even when the visor or the hearing protection are in a park-position, PROTOS® stays comfortably on the head.

High-quality accessories make PROTOS® the first choice in forestry and tracking, regardless of whether it’s cold and wet or hot and dry – with no ifs or buts.

PROTOS® Forest – for unconditional use.

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PROTOS® Arborist

From the root up into the crown.

The premium class of the system, designed for precise work at lofty heights or upside down, the PROTOS® Arborist combines the advantages of all models. Always perfectly equipped, PROTOS® is up to any challenge and ready for use at any time. A complete integral equipment, as result of an innovative and proven development.

PROTOS® Arborist – simply the best.

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